jueves, 12 de agosto de 2004

Paranoia of the Left

Why does it seem that the left has an unusual high amount of crazy people? Everything is a conspiracy with these people. Take Hillary Clinton as an example. She thinks everything is just one big right wing conspiracy. These people are so obsessed with getting power, they become insane. Sort of like Richard Nixon.

Today's Washington Post has a great article that examines the paranoia of some left leaning people.

"Among New York Democrats there's a weird fatalism about John Kerry's chances in November. The city's mania to see the president routed does nothing to lift the mood of bullish defeatism. What you hear is that Bush will still win by a hair -- not because Kerry fails to rev the electorate's engine, but because "they" will "pull something."

"What "they" will "pull" ranges from the notion that "they" -- sometimes known as "Karl Rove" -- will produce Osama bin Laden from some luxury cave on Halloween, to a super-scary election-eve terror attack warning that would have all the authenticity of Orson Welles's 1938 radio hoax about the Martians, but better production values. On these premises, it is a given that the timing of the recent terror reports was sheer manipulation. Exhibit A, the riff goes, is a photo in the takeout on terrorism in this week's Newsweek. See that big picture of Fran Townsend, the White House homeland security adviser? In the background is Karl Rove. C'mon what's he doing at a terrorism meeting? (Actually it was a staffers' meeting, but nevermind.)"

"I've heard people saying that the Bush team might blow up something around election day, just like the Nazis burned the Reichstag and then blamed it on the Jews to get elected," a writer friend e-mailed me this week. "The surprise is that it all comes from your above-average Times-reading academics.

Are smart people going nuts?

Just when you think so, the news adds new fuel to overheated suspicions. The electronic voting machines are found vulnerable to hacking, and the habitually judicious Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton goes on the record in midtown Tuesday to charge that the Republicans would try to intimidate Democratic voters and manipulate federal election laws to discourage turnout."

What a bunch of loonies! First you'll hear are these liberals talk about how stupid George Bush is. I was watching an interview with Alec Baldwin the other night and thought Bush was the dumbest president ever. But then on the other hand, liberals claim that Republicans are some sort of conspiracy masterminds able to control anything they want. Which is it? Dumb or smart? Do liberals actually believe that Bush somehow has control over electronic voting anymore than Democrats do? If a Republican could hack into the system, don't you think a Democrat could as well? I really doubt that the RNC leadership is going to pull Osama out of a cave right before elections. First, that would be leaked. It would come out that we had Osama way before we said we did and that would be political suicide.

Some liberals are probably just scared that Bush will win because Kerry is so disappointing in almost every way. He doesn't motivate anyone to go out and vote. He doesn't know which position he is taking on any given day. You want to talk about being a puppet, Kerry is the puppet of the DNC and to whomever he is speaking to on any given day.

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